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Internship Argumentation Free Essays

Confidence Rivers Dr. Gul Celkan English 1101 October 22, 2012 Internship Argumentation Internships are openings that numerous understudies take before moving on from school. Regardless of whether paid or unpaid, they’re valuable to understudies, in any case. We will compose a custom paper test on Temporary position Argumentation or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now They give experience that can’t be adapted somewhere else, and furthermore gives them an edge in contrast with understudies that don’t accept the open door. Obviously, entry level positions can have their defeats wherein they may not be paid attention to as a ‘real world’ work however the stars that temporary positions offer exceed the cons. As I’m normally a cumbersome individual, I would feel significantly more substance realizing that when I go to the medical clinic, gifted doctors are rewarding me. I wouldn’t have a sense of security on the off chance that I realized that the specialist rewarding me was straight out of school, and had no understanding added to his repertoire. I would scrutinize the consideration that I’m under. Entry level positions are another route for understudies to increase invaluable experience as opposed to gaining just from a course reading. These understudies can work in the activity market, and put their abilities to utilize. In great planning obviously! They additionally get the opportunity to watch and gain from experienced work force. Another bit of leeway to temporary jobs is the contacts that they make while there. They’re ready to fan out under these offices, which furnish them with a system of contacts to depend on. Having the note, ‘intern at ‘x’ company’ stands out like a green checkmark on their resume as organizations welcome this when taking a gander at an alumni continue. It promptly makes them increasingly serious in the activity advertise, and has more importance to an organization. Organizations realize that these alumni have had comparable work, and experience that they can effectively utilize in the company’s office also. Graduates are likewise commonly arranged for the work power. These prior understudies comprehend what they’re getting into when they’re going after these positions and they’re arranged. This is helpful for the associations that they’re applying to in light of the fact that the organizations can be guaranteed that they’ve had a type of preparing in the field previously. Certainty is critical! This is a famous saying and should be applied in this situation. Temporary jobs give a security net to graduates in different manners. The alumni can have confidence that they have a comprehension of what they’re doing, and how to apply that information in the activity advertise. It’s basic that most organizations enlist back their assistants, which is valuable to the two sides of the gathering. It’s useful to the organizations in light of the fact that the representatives have gotten the opportunity to meet the understudy and work close by them. Similarly, it’s great for the alumni on the grounds that they’ve had the option to put their insight to utilize, and have had the chance to work in that regarded office and get a thought of what it’s like. In spite of the entirety of the focal points that temporary positions offer, the drawback is that on the off chance that an understudy takes an unpaid entry level position, at that point the understudy won’t discover any inspiration towards it. In many employments, individuals make a solid effort to maintain their occupations in control to get the prize: their check. With an entry level position, understudies will simply take a gander at it as a volunteer action and not completely value it or the information that it gives. The entry level position would simply be something else to verify of the rundown. Likewise, assistants won’t get the normal preparing in that activity. Since organizations realize that the understudy is just interning for a select measure of time, organizations won’t train as completely. Furthermore, the understudies won’t get a similar work as that of a normal worker. The organizations will figure that since the understudies are still in school and just interning, at that point the understudies won’t handle the procedure of everything or won’t do it accurately. There are numerous assessments on the points of interest and inconveniences of entry level positions, yet taking a gander at the realities, it’s obvious that temporary jobs are very advantageous to understudies. Organizations understand this too when taking a gander at graduates’ resumes, in light of the fact that these past assistants are attractive to organizations. Temporary positions likewise show organizations that these graduates have expected working in their office. The past assistants comprehend what they’re getting into and are educated and arranged. Contrasting a student’s resume and one that did an entry level position contrasted with that of one that didn’t, the organization would have more enthusiasm for the understudy that was an assistant previously. Temporary jobs give understudies experience that can’t be gained from a course book or somewhere else! Scratch, Ashley. â€Å"Internship Argumentation Essay. â€Å" Macon State College. Warner Robins, GA. 2012 Instructions to refer to Internship Argumentation, Papers

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Orientation Phase of Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 17

Direction Phase of Nursing - Essay Example The phases of relational connections were at first four that incorporate direction, recognizable proof, abuse, and goals stages. In any case, the means later diminished to three after further investigations and examination. The subsequent stage currently consolidated both the recognizable proof and abuse stages. These two perspectives joined, in this way, became referred to all in all as the working stage. This paper, in any case, just talks about the direction stage. This is the main period of the relational procedure as was clarified by Peplau. It is at this phase where the patient initially meets the medical caretaker. Now, the medical attendant and patient are as yet all out outsiders. This first gathering consistently carries with it a great deal of tensions, from both the medical attendant and the patient. It is the nurse’s duty to mitigate the uneasiness that grasps them before continuing any further (Boyd, 2007). This is significant in building up a helpful domain. Mary Boyd states this is where the medical attendant talks about the patient’s desires and clarifies the reason for their relationship. It gives an away from of the jobs, objectives, and constraints of the relationship. To put it plainly, the attendant sets restrains that need to cling to all through the relationship. The limits are anyway dependent upon adaptability relying upon the circumstance. In commonsense circumstances where the medical caretaker needs to draft a meeting participation plan for the patient, the attendant ought to likewise explain the rules on the best way to deal with instances of missed meetings and lateness.â â The taking care of ought to be so that it distances the patient. The medical attendant ought to comprehend this could be a methods by which the patient tests the relationship (Boyd, 2007). It is critical to pick up the patient’s acknowledgment and create trust. This is accomplished by keeping up consistency and ceaselessly promising the patient, both verbally and non-verbally, to communicate.

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Preparing an Admissions Essay

Preparing an Admissions EssayWhat are some possible steps to help you prepare a Stanford roommate essay sample that will help you get accepted to the college? There are plenty of great options out there. One of the most popular is to look online for student essays and to choose the one that best matches your personality.The Writer's Tip; Try the site that I just mentioned - it's a great website and you can read lots of student essays from other people with your own information written on them. You can also go to the student review site to see what other students think about the essay they got accepted. Some sites are there to compare to each other and to find out who is the best of the best.An old adage states that you can't please everyone, so one of the best places to find an objective way to judge the merits of all the applicants is in the fact that it is one of the most important qualities in a college or university is its student body. You will get into a college if you can pres ent yourself as someone who fits the standard of person they are looking for. Many students have found this to be the most effective way to succeed at Stanford. You can try a few different ways of making yourself look attractive to Stanford or to do some research on college applicant essays for advice on how to write one.Finding out more about Stanford is easy and finding out about writing one of those essays for yourself is almost impossible, but here are some of the things that might help you along the way. I'm going to start by going over some tips for writing a good roommate essay for admission.Once you know what kind of student you are, you can begin by defining yourself. You might consider creating an essay that will really put down how you will fit in with the other students. You need to show that you will be one of the most interesting and unique students in the class. I know that I like to play with some exciting and hard-to-believe ideas and this really helps me.There are plenty of essay samples on the internet and in books on how to write a Stanford roommate essay. To be honest, the one you choose might be a bit out of your league, but they are all pretty good and I think you should check them out and go over them a little. You should always include the important things in your essay, such as, your ambitions and dreams for the future, where you want to go to college, your work history, your personality, and how you intend to keep the classroom fun. Try not to get carried away with how good you would be in a class.After getting some tips on how to write a Stanford roommate essay, now it's time to really put your thoughts down on paper. For a really good one, you need to have a good focus on what you will bring to the table as a roommate and what you will bring to the class. Give yourself enough time to complete your roommate application. Give yourself plenty of time to get into Stanford and get through the essays as well.It might take a while to get the best possible essay samples and to write your own, but it will be worth it. The secret to getting into a college like Stanford is to write a strong and successful roommate essay. You can try online sample essays or offline material for getting through those.

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Reflection Paper - 1242 Words

REFLECTION PAPER It is extremely difficult to estimate the amount of knowledge in existence today. While knowledge is flowing in incredible pace, extraction and application of the relevant information from the bulk of knowledge is vital for many aspect of our lives. As an IMBA student in Florida International University, I have never thought that there was such a strict distinction between the information and the knowledge in today’s technology driven world. However, after taken this course, it is quite clear to me that gathering the beneficial information is not an easy task as it seems before. There are crucial elements to obtain valuable information for the businesses. Every business is unique so the strategies for them too. To†¦show more content†¦This metaphorical approach changed my perception of seeking out the hidden possibilities that would be beneficial for continual improvement. On the other hand, Information Systems has its own challenges when it comes to the application of the businesses. It is a complex task to find the proper answers of the questions such as ‘how the information systems can change my business through technology?’ it is clear that such systems offer many options to the businesses but the decision process for the right option can be problematic. Thus, the changes have to be chosen carefully to maximize the potential of the businesses. For instance, the beer game which I involved, as an IMBA student, represents a great example of the collecting and applying the relevant data that reveals the importance of the integration of our goals and our capabilities. It was probably the first time that the students as the future managers, CEO’s, CFO’s were able to experience such a realistic trial of business world with its constraints. The main goal of the game was minimizing the bulk effect which comes with the fluctuations of demand and the prices. it can be claimed that in theory, the bulk effect can be minimized with the opportunities of Information Technology. However, in practice, as in the beer game, it is unlikely to achieve the desired level of that type of minimization. Yet, it is still indisputable that information systems offerShow MoreRelatedReflection Paper1317 Words   |  6 Pagesused to struggle with forming my thoughts into writing, let alone a paper. I was never confident with what I wrote. My writing had no greater purpose other than the assignment. My writing process included: writing my paper, proofreading it, and turning it in. Once the paper left my hands, it also left my mind. Throughout this course we worked with others, visited the writing lab, wrote critiques, and we were able to revise our papers. I believe that all of this is has caused me to grow greatly as aRead MoreReflection Paper836 Words   |  4 Pagesand integrating quotes. Before my papers were full of â€Å"sh e said† and â€Å"she would say†; which was boring and showed poor ability to lengthen my word choice. I also had a tendency to just throw quotes in and not integrate it into my writings. By the end of my English 101 class my papers began to present with words like â€Å"the author noted†, or â€Å"she stated† along with many other word choices and proper ways of using quotes. Here is an example from my final research paper: â€Å"Author Stephanie Jackson, a certifiedRead MoreNursing Reflection Paper858 Words   |  4 Pagesremainder of this reflection. I met Betty about eight years ago, as I was a close friend of her brother. Although her brother and I grew apart, I would still occasionally see Betty around. Never did I think that I would ever see her on the unit in which I was working, but a few weeks ago, this idea changed. When I arrived back to the nurse’s station after checking on each of my patients, I saw that my co-caring nurse was getting an admission. I looked down at the sheets of paper he had in front ofRead MoreReflection Paper On The Humanities Field1071 Words   |  5 Pages Over the course of this semester each paper that was written helped to introduce me and my fellow classmates to different formatting, and genres of writing. A lot of knowledge was gained from writing these papers and I was able to compare and contrast the disciplinary writings and notice what makes each of them stand out. Reflecting back on these individual papers helps to express what I have learned. The first paper that was written was the humanities essay. The humanities essay helped to provideRead MorePersonal Reflection Paper On English1015 Words   |  5 Pages Reflection Paper English has never been my strong suit. I always hated English simply, because I never concerned myself as a writer. I always stuck to the bare minimum and was pleased to know that I passed. I honestly never tried hard in English because I never felt good enough. I did not see myself as a confident writer and I am not sure I ever will. Since, being enrolled in English 201, it supplied some challenges that I was not ready for and felt unsuited for. Along the way, I learnRead MoreReflection Paper Boat Design839 Words   |  4 Pages When assigned a project that involved building our very own boat, each boat design was created with inspiration from things in our own lives. My design was inspired by my interest in the origami paper boat and rafts. A flaw in this design was that, making the boat like a raft included the use of straws in which was a material not available for this project. Other designs included one of a boat from Isis Green’s favorite movie Pirates of the Caribbean, a design from a fantasy summer place imaginedRead MoreReflection Paper On Writing And Writing1085 Words   |  5 PagesThe content of my paper was typically not the issue, the organization of the ideas was. I always had good ideas to write about, but I never knew how to organize those thoughts into a well-organized paper. Although in Writing 101, I used the multiple steps of the writing process to insert my ideas into a well-written paper, I continued to struggle in areas such as grammar and mechanics. In Writ 102, I was able t o realize that the writing process develops over time, and the best papers result from revisionRead MoreReflection Paper : Barbie Q By Sandra Cisneros938 Words   |  4 Pagesexploration paper, the reading and writing paper, the annotated bibliography, and the academic research paper. The semester began with basic lessons on general writing rules during class and progressed into a much more complex course, including lessons on expansion and development of evidence and supporting details, as well as the argument of the paper as a whole. Although each assignment taught something new, each built onto the last and helped transition my progress through each paper. The firstRead MoreReflection Paper On Reflection1076 Words   |  5 Pagesknew how to write short story analysis papers, or your run-of-the-mill story reflection. After hearing I would have wrote a total of 5000 words minimum, I was left flabbergasted. Nevertheless, the challenges faced when writing these papers gave me an abundant amount of knowledge in transitional word use, and finally becoming comfortable with the drafting process. When writing my papers, however, I still would like to increase my ability to structure my papers with more confidence. Before this periodRead MoreReflections Paper1552 Words   |  7 PagesComfort and Gods Glory Ray Kirby Liberty University In the decision to discuss two topics included within this reflection paper I have been led to discuss two doctrines that are close to all Christians. The comfort of God and the glory of God are the two doctrines that I have focused on over the last several weeks. The comfort of God has touched me at times over the course of my life however, never as much as it has over the last year. I wish to praise the glory of God as directed within

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Research on Managerial Accounting Ethical Issues - 1827 Words

While I was looking for an appropriate topic for research, I found an interesting publication, which fitted best to the subject (ethics in managerial accounting issues) and also included 5 good examples examples of possible problems associated with the field. The method of the study seemed unclear, especially considering the connection between the serial number of a dollar bill and the question to which the respondent had to answer in the end (in my work I will constantly refer back to the text, and in the end there will be a link to the document for review), though the examples given in the text seem to be really appropriate. Here’s the info about these 5 issues and the first one given: â€Å"The five issues selected for study all come from†¦show more content†¦armed forces under cost-plus contracts. They note that if the manufacturer â€Å"could shift indirect costs away from (fixed-price) commercial customers and to the cost-plus contracts,† then the manufacturer would increase its revenues.† Maybe it’s not the best example of ethical problem because it doesn’t violate nor GAAP, neither any agreements with purchasers, but it’s still a question of ethics, especially some aspects of just price theory (it’s a theory of ethics in economics that sets standards of fair transactions. It came from ancient Greek philosophy, it was based on an argument against usury, which in that time referred to the making of any rate of interest on loans.) As for me, it’s not a real problem nowadays. Issue #3 looks like: â€Å"Issue #3: Estimating Equivalent Units The third issue involves a misrepresentation about an estimate that has an impact on the reported profit. In slightly different contexts dealing with budgeting situations, the studies mentioned earlier have shown that when a subordinate’s information is used as a basis for his performance evaluation, the subordinate has incentives to misrepresent information. This phenomenon is tested in Issue #3, which involves estimating the percentage of completion of ending work in process inventory in a process costing situation. By overestimating the degree of completion, aShow MoreRelatedThe Changing Role of Managerial Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment1723 Words   |  7 PagesCHAPTER 1 THE CHANGING ROLE OF MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING IN A DYNAMIC BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Learning Objectives 1. Define managerial accounting and describe its role in the management process. 2. Explain four fundamental management processes that help organizations attain their goals. 3. List and describe five objectives of managerial accounting activity. 4. Explain the major differences between managerial and financial accounting. 5. Explain where managerial accountants are located inRead MoreEthical Decision Making on Various Managerial Accounting Issues6054 Words   |  25 PagesNumber 2  · 2004 Ethical Decision Making on Various Managerial Accounting Issues Arnold Schneider* Abstract This study examines five managerial accounting issues that have ethical implications. These issues are based on situations described in managerial accounting textbooks. To induce truthful responses, an approach called the randomized response technique is used. With this technique, estimates are obtained for responses to sensitive questions relating to the five issues. Results ranged fromRead MoreEssay on The Ethical Values Held in Accounting, A Literature Rewiew1426 Words   |  6 PagesEvery profession faces a multiple of ethical challenges on a daily bases, this can be clearly witnessed in the accounting profession. The main focus of this literature review is to discuss the ethical values held in this profession and to also explore the ethical challenges that they face. Professional ethics for accountants is all about making sure that accountants carry out their duties to the highest standard possible and in a very professional manner. A code of ethics is designed to make sureRead Moremanagerial accounting Essay946 Words   |  4 Pages Managerial Accounting Chapter # 01 Homework 1 01) How does managerial accounting differ from financial accounting? A: Managerial accounting is concerned with providing information to managers for use inside the organization. Financial accounting is con ¬cerned with providing information to stockhold ¬ers, creditors, and others outside of the organi ¬zation. 02) Pick any major television network and describe some planning and control activities that its managers would engage in. A: FiveRead MoreGuidelines For Address All Of The Points Below1705 Words   |  7 Pagesrequired to address all of the points below. You may include further comments or discussion that is relevant. You must integrate relevant concepts, models, frameworks, theories and/or technical competencies (use in text references) from secondary research and other business disciplines you have studied e.g. Management, to support your discussion. THE TASK: 1. Include a copy of, or produce, an organisational chart of your organisation, showing your role and briefly discuss where your role fits in theRead MoreHilton Ppt Chapter 1 Answer Key6698 Words   |  27 PagesChapter 01 The Changing Role of Managerial Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment Chapter 01 The Changing Role of Managerial Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment Answer Key    True / False Questions    1.  Controlling involves the coordination of daily business functions within an organization.   FALSE    AACSB: Reflective Thinking AICPA BB: Industry AICPA FN: Decision Making Bloom s: RC Difficulty: Easy Learning Objective: 01-02 Explain four fundamental managementRead MoreBUS 630 Final Paper w/ grade3718 Words   |  15 Pagesï » ¿ Managerial Accounting Final Paper BUS 630, Managerial Accounting Ashford University Managerial Accounting Introduction â€Å"The accounting system generates the information that satisfies two reporting needs that coexist within an organization: financial accounting and managerial accounting† (Schneider, 2012, ch 1.1, para 1). Managerial accounting is the process of preparing reports and accounts required by management to make business decisions for daily, weeklyRead MoreBenefits and Pitfalls of Short-selling Shares1789 Words   |  7 Pageswould need to preserve their reputation and pay for the negative publicity with higher funding costs (Smith, 2012). Issues of unethical conflict of interest faced by Negative Research Firms (â€Å"NRFs†) The Negative Research Firms (NRFs) are firms that provide free research report on â€Å"business fraud, accounting fraud, and fundamental problems† (Research, n.d.). The negative research of the companies will lead to an almost instantaneous reduction in their share prices. These NRFs short-sell the sharesRead MoreEssay on Role of Managerial Accounting10330 Words   |  42 PagesChapter 01 The Changing Role of Managerial Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment    True / False Questions    1.  Controlling involves the coordination of daily business functions within an organization.   True  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  False    2.  Measuring the performance of managers and subunits is not an objective of managerial accounting.   True  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  False    3.  Middle-level managers would likely be considered internal users of accounting information rather than external users.   True  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  False Read MoreAccounting1024 Words   |  5 PagesQuestion 1:   * Proficient-level:   * There are several important functions performed in an organization, among which accounting is one of them. Define the accounting function and discuss how it differs from double-entry bookkeeping. Answer: According to the Dictionary of Accounting Terms, Accounting is defined as a one step process of recording, measuring, interpreting and communicating financial data by preparing financial statements in order to reflect financial condition and operating

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Thailand Essay example - 608 Words

THAILAND Climate Northern Thailand has a typical monsoon climate, but since it lies well North of the equator. It does experience marked seasonal temperature variations. The ‘wet season’ monsoon rains start in late May or early June and continue until October. Temperatures in the lowlands are around 32 degrees in the mid-afternoon, falling to a minimum of around 23 degrees at night. It rains on most days but rarely continuously. In August and September, typhoons sometimes occur. With heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds for three of four days. In the ‘cool season’ from early November to February, humid tropical air from the Indian ocean gives way to cold, dry air originating in Central Asia to the North. The sky is generally†¦show more content†¦Thailand has many giant rain forest and sadly they are slowly being chopped down wood is another major resource. The can get rubber from the rubber tree. One of the most important natural resources is the fish. Thailand people who fish do it for money and try to catch as many fish as possible. The people from Thailand use their land to the bet possible and most manageable way. According to the 1993 poll, the land in Thailand is being used for: Land use: Arable land: 34%, permanent crops: 6%, permanent pastures: 2%, forests and woodland: 26% and other: 32% The Thai people are using there lands to keep up with life and to also keep the land able for use for future generations. To have 26% of their country covered in forests and woodlands is an amazing effort. They have managed to control the presser of cutting trees down for personal gain. in this way the people of Thailand will have these resources for many future generations. Settlement patterns The Thai people are mainly sized in large cities (e.g. bannock) most of the cities are in the â€Å"middle† region of Thailand. The North West corner of Thailand is very mountainous and hard to get there most people who live there have given there lives to be monks and live in monasteries, the planes are flat and hot most people who live here are people who live in villages or cities. The tropical south is where mostShow MoreRelatedThe Country Of Thailand : Thailand1174 Words   |  5 PagesThailand is a country which is 514,000 square kilometers long situated in the middle of mainland south east Asia. Thailand was known as siam in older times. It was a land where rice was cultivated and rice was their main crop. In 18th century it was under British control and when British gave freedom to southeast Asia Thailand was announced as buffere state between British controlled area and Burma. Noe a days the total population of Thailand is approximately 68,272,740. This is thickly populatedRead MoreCountry Background:. Thailand . Thailand Is In The Southeastern1028 Words   |  5 PagesCountry Background: Thailand Thailand is in the Southeastern region of Asia surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand, Andaman Sea, and South China Sea. Sharing borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. (1) Thailand is approximately three times the size of Florida, and more than two times the size of Wyoming. (1) The countries government is based on a constitutional monarchy, with military affiliation. (1) Thailand possesses the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia; GDP for 2015Read MoreThailand : Thailand The Asian Pacific Area2361 Words   |  10 Pagesconsideration we have decided to open a plant in Rayong, Thailand. Thailand emerged as a key location due to its strengths in matured infrastructure, IT, and communication systems. The Thai government is very friendly to foreign investors and provides simplified import and export regulations. Rayong in particular is a seaport with well-established transportation routes to Southern China where some of our biggest customers are located. T hailand also provides a pool of highly skilled workers at a lowRead MoreThailand : The Khmer And Mons1069 Words   |  5 Pagescurrently known as Thailand, was not always that. Originally Thailand went by the name of Siam. The original people that inhabited Thailand were the Khmer and Mons. The Khmer and Mons were the only inhabitants of the country until people traveled from southern China into Siam. These people went by the name â€Å"Tai†. For twenty thousand years, the area that makes up Thailand by hunter and gathers to survive until they began to create settlements. One interesting fact about Thailand that most individualsRead MoreThe Country of Thailand1315 Words   |  5 PagesWhen we talk about Thailand, the first thing that would cross our mind is the foods and cultural values that has been preserved for centuries. Not to forget beautiful beaches and also the magical environmental values that are essential for tourism. All these values makes Thailand looks amazing in the eyes of tourist and also people from all around the globe. But despite these positive aspect, there are also dark sides that has been illuminating the people of Thailand for centuries. Havoc and chaosRead MoreThe Status of Democracy in Thailand1626 Words   |  6 PagesSince 2006, the outbreak of Thaksin corruption and the military coup, the political situation of Thailand has not been stable. After the fall of Thaksin, there were some changes in Thai people especially for the middle class. They began getting involved with politics, since then politics affairs not only belong to politicians or the ruler. As people have more participation in government’s projects, they started to challenge politicians and even the government and divided into two political movementRead MoreThe History of Thailand Essay1827 Words   |  8 PagesThailand is a diverse and unique country that is rich in culture and tradition. Thailand has gone by many names such as the Kingdom of Thailand and Khmer. This paper includes researched material regarding Thai land’s social, economical, geographic, religious, political, and relations to the United States. The social part of the paper will cover the current and past make up of the Thai people; information on how they became to be the Thai people. The economic part of the paper will give informationRead MoreThailand Corruption Issues2787 Words   |  12 Pages| Information Technology in Thailand | | | 7/2/2013 | Diffusion and Status of Information Systems As a developing country, Thailand’s use of Information Systems is on the rise. The diffusion of IS in a developing country is key in economic growth for that country. One main measure looked at related to Information Systems in Thailand is ICT, or Information and Communication Technology. ICT has led to new knowledge and innovation created which results in the continual development inRead MoreResearch Paper on Thailand1619 Words   |  7 PagesRobert Clay HUMA 2323 Craig Coroneos April 27, 2009 Thailand Thailand is, an independent country, located in southwest Asia and is considered a tropical country. The capital is Bangkok and is also the largest city within Thailand. It is the 51th largest country in the world with a surface area of 513,000 km2 (198,000 sq mi). â€Å"In the Thai language, the full name of the city is Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom UdomratchaniwetRead MoreLong Neck in Thailand842 Words   |  4 PagesLong neck In Thailand Long Neck people are originating in the Shan State in Burma is a Union of Myanmar these unique people are a small minority of the Karennin or Red Karen people of Burma and they are have also In Northern Thailand. They are from Padaung tribe synonym Kayan tribe and this tribe has today a number about 50.000 persons. Kayan Lahwi is developed as a combination of Kayan by slash and burn and Lawi tribe by neck rings from Laos and North Thailand. Padaung (Yan Pa Doung) is

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Mental Health Monitoring System

Question: Discuss about the Mental Health Monitoring System. Answer: Introduction: Suicide is a growing concern in Australia, New South Wales (NSW) being one of the most affected regions and the matter is worse among the youth. The report on the causes of death, published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), reflects a staggering 394 deaths due to intentional self- harm among the youth between the age of 15 and 24, out of which deaths in NSW amounts to 96 (ABS, 2016). The NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy of the NSW Health Department is also unable in curbing the rate of suicide in NSW. The reason for suicide includes a variety of causes including unemployment, substance abuse, depression and many others. Indigenous Youth Suicides among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have remained consistent and have increased over the years. The indigenous population of Australia is subject to physical and social isolation, which complicates the process of reaching out to the sufferer. The indigenous communities settle in the rural and remote part of Australia, and do not avail the community and outpatient mental health services and the population is subject to substance abuse, depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which makes the indigenous community prone to suicidal tendencies. headspace headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation that promotes the well-being of youth in Australia and provides services related to mental health to users in the age group of 12 to 25 years. The centres of the organization are located all over Australia and carries out a number of welfare and awareness programs to educate the population of Australia about the importance of mental health. headspace operates at a low or no charge. The organization provides an online and telephone service, named eheadspace that offers remote services to locations that does not have a headspace centre. The organization operates a School Support program to coordinate with school communities in responding to suicides. Issues in addressing the affected The assessment of mental health of an individual is a complex and time consuming process. The situation is worse in case of the youth. The psychology of an individual during adolescence is sensitive and young individuals often shut themselves emotionally to avoid interacting with the outside world. Change in consultants and treatment procedures compels the affected to repeat the condition, which aggravates the situation and the affected closes off without giving a chance to the treatment procedure. Centralized Information System - Capabilities The design of a centralized data repository to store data related to the youth and their mental health is essential and crucial for the administration of proper care to individuals affected by suicidal tendencies. The system will be composed of a database to support the backend and the front end will be composed of two parts: an online portal for the patients or the patient parties, to record the details of the illness themselves or the details will be communicated via telephone to the operators and the operators will record the details and a portal for professionals to note down observations. The data stored in the repository will be accessible to all professionals and new information reported by the patient or patient party will be added to the existing record. The system will be able to produce summarized information and reports based on the available data. The system will also be able to inform experts about cases they specialize in providing the experts with the trend of psychological disorder in the nation. The system will provide articles and information that will offer advices and recommendation about the primary concerns, symptoms to detect illness, patterns in heath issues and create awareness about the health concerns along with their mitigation procedures. Benefits of a centralised Information system A central repository containing data about every youth of the nation will prove beneficial on number of aspects. A centralised and accessible data repository will save the patient from repeating himself and the professionals will be able to study the case history of the patient along with the observation of other professionals. Professionals will be able to survey and study different cases before administering a particular treatment to a patient. The experts will be able to stay updated on the issues of their field. The report and information generation facility will be able to indicate and demarcate the issues and concerns based on region, culture, family history and many other aspects. Using the centralized system the Government will be able to identify national health concerns and uptake initiatives to address the issues and more importantly, the patients will be able to monitor and record incidents and progress of their health issues with ease. References Ahlberg, C., Wistrand, E., Thoresson, J., Truv, S., Weilenmann, K., Sparud, J. (2013).U.S. Patent Application No. 13/856,867. Australian Bureau of Statistics,. (2016).Underlying causes of death (Australia). Australian Bureau of Statistics,. (2016).Underlying causes of death (New South Wales). Cheung, Y. T. D., Spittal, M. J., Williamson, M. K., Tung, S. J., Pirkis, J. (2013). Application of scan statistics to detect suicide clusters in Australia.PloS one,8(1), e54168. Inquiry into Youth Suicide in the Northern Territory. (2011) (1st ed.). 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